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From the organisational point of view the State Library has been divided into three main Divisions, namely, Administrative Services Division (ASD), Technical Services Division (TSD) and Reader Services Division (RSD).


Administrative Services Division (ASD):

ASD deals with all such matters connected with administration, establishment, finance, accounts, maintenance, etc.

Technical Services Division (TSD)

TSD deals with all technical activities pertaining to book selection, acquisition, classification, cataloguing, conservation, binding, etc. Besides purchase, books are also received as gratis under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 and from Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata as well as other gifts. To record acquisitions, the library has adopted a multiple accession register system designed by Prof. D.R. Kalia that reveals total collection of the library in consolidation as well as collection development taken place in different sections separately.

From the list below one can know the library’s strength in different subjects/sections.


Sl.No. Volume / Name of the Accession Register No. of books on record
1 Vol.1 –IX (Till-1987) 44201
2 Vol. X (Computerized list) 5571
3 BPL-Braille (Braille Books) 396
4 BPL-LL-O (Odia language& Literature) 19246
5 BPL-LL-E (English Language & Literature) 3363
6 BPL-LL-B(Bengali Language & Literature) 477
7 BPL-LL-H(Hindi & Urdu Language & Literature) 2266
8 BPL-LL-S(Sanskrit Language & Literature) 434
9 BPL-SC (Textbook & Subject collection) 18278
10 BPL-CS (Children Books) 12600
11 BPL-CD (Career Development Books) 1800
12 SL-RC (Reference Collection) 4712
13 SL-NC (National Collection) 10375
14 SL-IC (International Collection) 2492
15 SL-OC (Odisha Collection) 2809
16 SL-DC (Depository Collection Under Press Regd. Act) 34323
17 SL-FA (Fine Art Collection) 859
18 SL-OD (Official Document) 3060
19 SL-CP (Corporate Collection) 3228
20 GC-2 (Gratis received other than RRRLF) 17860
21 GC-RRRLF (Books received from RRRLF) 29290
TOTAL 217640
NB: BPL stands for Bhubaneswar Public Library; GC for Gift Collections; SL for State Library

Readers Services Division (RSD)

RSD deals with Registration of members, Organization of documents, Compilation of Odisha State Bibliography, reference and referral services, circulation of books and periodicals services, reprography services etc. Under the State Library the following sections are working.


1. Research and Reference Section

Reference Collection

All reference materials published on various subjects and those of National and International publications are arranged subject wise on the lines of DDC Class Numbers in this Section to facilitate Reference Studies for both general and research scholars. The documents Constitute Dictionaries(Language and Subject),Directories, Bibliographies, Handbooks, Yearbooks, Manuals, Encyclopedias, Guidebooks, maps, atlases, Multi volume sets published by National and International agencies. So the Library holds a comprehensive collection of reference materials for the benefit of the reading public of Odisha as other small public Libraries functioning in different localities of the State are not viable enough to procure these materials.

Area Studies collection

A classification Schedule for Area Studies has been devised by Prof. D.R.Kalia to help classifying documents under Area Studies collection. The Area number of a specific place, country or region chosen from the schedule is only superimposed over the class number of the documents concerned so that all documents dealing with that place, country or region are brought together under the specific Area Number and form Area Study Collection.

To facilitate researcher doing research on different aspects of Odisha (that is on socio-economic and cultural aspects, political situation and conditions, scientific and technological developments, History and geography etc),the Reference and Research Section of HKM state Library stocks and organizes all such documents published so far on the State (i.e. on Odisha) together under Area studies collection. For comparative study and supplementary reading it also gathers materials on those aspects of other areas of the country as well as the world .These collections are named as Odisha Collection, National Collection and International Collection.

In recent times one can feel the importance of Area studies. People are travelling too much for recreation, business, and education and for jobs due to globalization .To know about that locality they are asking for books of that particular region instead of subject. So it is immensely helpful to them.

National Collection

Under National collection, Books dealing with India are organized and then the collections of different States are organized to facilitate the scholars to have a comparative study with the state of Odisha.

International Collection

Under international collection, Books dealing with world are organized and then the collections of different countries are organized to facilitate the scholars to have a comparative study with the state of Odisha.

Odisha Collection:

The Collection deals with ‘Books on Odisha’. Titles Published ‘on ‘or about any aspect of Odisha i.e. political conditions, economic conditions, education, Social conditions and problems, scientific and technological developments, history and culture.etc irrespective of their place of publication are brought together under the ‘Area Number’ for Odisha and further arranged in the order of classificatory sequence. With the purpose that any person interested in doing study or research on any aspect of Odisha will find the whole materials of his or her interest at one place i.e. under ‘Odisha Collection’. Under this collection a special collection is also developed, known as ‘Jagannath Cult and Culture’.

Tribal Collection

Keeping in view the research needs of scholars doing research on socio-economic and cultural aspects of tribes, the Library comprehensively gathers all such documents available on tribes in one section called Tribal Collection. Under this collection books related to tribes of India in general are gathered first, then the books on tribes of Odisha followed by that of other States of India. Thus, interdisciplinary aspects of tribes are brought together without scattering them as to their Class Numbers.

Fine Art collection

Fine art means form of art, especially painting, drawing and sculpture that are created to be beautiful rather than useful. Valuable pictorial materials published on Fine arts including monographs, multi volume sets published by both National and International reputed agencies are kept here. Books dealing with theoretical and technical aspects of different branches of Fine Arts such as Architecture, Sculpture, drawing, Folk arts, decorative arts, Photography, Music, Sports, Recreational and performing Arts, etc, are organized.

Women Studies Collection:

The study of women and their role in history, literature and society is known as women studies. Keeping in view the research needs of scholars doing research on different aspects of Women, the Library comprehensively gathers all the documents on the subject ‘women’ in one section called Women Studies Collection. Thus, interdisciplinary aspects of women are brought together without scattering them as to their Class Numbers.

Biography Collection:

To avoid the complications arising from determining a Biographee’s most association with a particular subject under which it could be gathered, the library follows the optional provision made in DDC 20 under 920 Biography that to class biography under the alphabet ‘B’ or 920 undivided. The classifiers mostly get confused in grouping biographies of the persons those are associated with humanities, social sciences and history, as most of them equally contribute to number of subjects and create confusion in determining the particular subject to which he or she is prominently associated. Therefore, to overcome such situation the library gathers biographies at one place under Class Number ‘B’ divided in to three divisions called National Biography, International Biography and Odisha Biography. The persons of National and International importance are gathered in their respective section where as biographies concerned to the state of Odisha are grouped under Odisha Biography. Further to subdivide Autobiography, Individual Biography and Collective Biography, the library adopts an innovative device i.e. BA-Autobiography, BI-Individual Biography and BC-Collective Biography.

Official Documents Collection:

An official document may be defined as a publication, issued in the name of and by the authority of the Government pertaining to its administration or which contains the policy and commitment of Government. But any other publication does not constitute an official document. Even a document pertaining to the administration of an autonomous Government’s sponsored agency or a public undertaking owned by the Government but registered as a company are not to be treated as Official Document, because they are not issued by the authority of the Government. Similarly if Government publishes a book under the title Text book of Physics, it is not to be treated as an Official Document, because it does not pertain to the administration of the country. It is only a publication as good as published by a private publisher. On the same basis, books of general interest though published by a Department of the Government, such as Publication Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, Cannot be treated as Official Document, unless they pertain to the administration of the country. Similarly, the publications of the National Book Trust of India (NBT) are not Official Documents. The same is true of the publications of CSIR which function as a registered Society. The Reports of the Commissions and committees appointed by the Government are treated as monographs and classified as books.

The library organizes all Official Documents to cater to the information needs of users particularly approaching for them. Under this section the materials are further divided into three categories called International Official Documents, National Official Documents, and Odisha Official Documents. It includes administrative reports of Various government Departments, annual reports, census reports, Statistical reports, budgets, survey reports, civil Lists, Gazetteers, Gazette, Legal Documents, Legislative documents, Notifications and etc.

Corporate Collection:

To serve the approaches for documents published by different corporate bodies, United Nations and its allied agencies, Government Sponsored autonomous agencies, UGC, research Institute the library has opened a Corporate Publication Collection. In this collection all the documents of State, National and International corporate bodies are organized in a separate sequence. As these materials are primary sources of Information, it helps a great deal to the research scholars.

2. Depository & Odisha State Bibliography Section:

This Section is designed to deal with ‘Books in Odisha’. One copy each of all titles printed or published in the state are stored here being organized by year of publication preceding classification Number and are preserved for posterity with the purpose that when any of such titles is not found available elsewhere due to exhausted stock or out of print it can be made available in the HKM state Library since it falls under the ‘Books in Odisha’.

Under the direction of the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 as implemented by the State Government, the State Library is receiving regularly two legal copies of a title from its printer, publisher and author. Further, the Government in Culture Department has made a mandatory Provision that a title can only be considered for selection of Books under RRRLF Scheme when sample copy submitted for such accompanies receipts showing two legal copies deposited for State Library and one copy deposited for National Library, Kolkata. By this process the HKM State Library gets almost all copies published in the State. Out of the two copies so received 1st copy goes to the Depository Section for preservation and compilation of Odisha State Bibliography and the Second copy to its respective sections in Reader Services Division for use.5

3. Language and Literature Section

The Library adopts broken order system of arrangement for better arrangement and use of reading materials. The Library has arranged all the reading materials pertaining to Language and Literature studies in one Section called the Language and Literature Section. Odia, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali and Urdu Books pertaining to language and literature are available here. The main objective of the HKM Sate Library is to develop a comprehensive collection on Odia language and literature to promote study and research on the subject. For this reason the Language and Literature section has been developed. The Odia language and literature along with other Indian languages and literatures including foreign are organized together.

The Language and Literature section holds a very rich collection on Odia language and literature and its progressive growth is taking place rapidly with time. The section is now providing service to users of both the libraries, i.e. HKM State Library and Bhubaneswar Public Library as both the libraries are working in the same building. When Bhubaneswar Public Library will be separated from the State Library, the existing language and literature section will be merged with State Library and a new language and literature section shall be formed for the Bhubaneswar Public Library by procuring new books.


1. Children Section

The Library rules provide for a Children Section to which the children between the age group of 5-14 years have access for using library facilities. The Children’s materials are beautifully arranged in wood panelled shelves along with cosy furniture. The photographs of eminent persons are placed in the walls to make children inspired. Old Odia Children magazines are bound and kept here for reference. The RRRLF, Kolkata has given a computer system, Television and a DVD player and Educational toys and games to attract more children to the Section. The section holds sufficient information sources to cater to the need of students towards reading as well as completing their school assignments.

2. Text Book & Career Development Section:

This section forming part of Bhubaneswar Public Library collects and organizes curricula based materials intended for students pursuing higher education. It also collects and organizes career Development materials for young readers preparing for different competitive Examination, entrances, etc. This section holds most active collection, which alone is being used by about 70 percent of library users.

3. Subject Collection Section:

Theoretical aspects on all subjects except that of textbooks and Career Development materials are organized in this section for readers of general interest. It is also used as a supplementary reading material for the degree and Master Degree students.

4. Serials Section:

It is a part of the Bhubaneswar Public Library that provides newspaper and Periodical Services to readers. About 18 newspapers (Odia, English & Hindi) and 66 magazines/periodicals are regularly procured and placed for services. In the beginning, during the time of Prof D.R. Kalia, a normative practice was being followed that besides providing reading room services, some additional copies of selected Odia and English newspapers were being procured for the purpose of preserving for future reference.

5. Braille Section:

There is a Braille Section for the visually impaired persons. Some Braille magazines are also received from USA as gift.

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