The concept of Harekrushna Mahtab State Library was conceived during 1st Five Year Plan under the advice of Government of India and was completed in 1959 with a majestic building of around 16000 sq.ft. Carpet area, enshrined within a beautiful land of 3 acres in a prime location of Capital City of Bhubaneswar. In 1967, it was named as Gandhi Bhawan commemorating birth      centenary  of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. The State Library was located in this building, but in a corner only. In 1987 it was renovated and entire space of the four storeyed building was utilized for the functioning of two Libraries i.e. State Library for the entire State of Orissa and another Public Library for Bhubaneswar City.

  In 1987, Government decided to rename the State Library and the Public Library as Harekrushna Mahtab State Library (in memory of Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab, the builder of modern Orissa) and the Bhubaneswar Public Library respectively. The former is a Reference Library and lending of books are not permitted whereas the latter is a Lending Library for the public of Bhubaneswar City. These two Libraries have managed to function over the limited space. Total readers seats available are about 350 against the present demands of 600-700 readers per day. Some statistics of these libraries given below:


(i)                 Total Books-1, 44,000

(ii)               Total number of newspapers subscribed-15

(iii)             Total number of Magazines subscribed-56

(iv)             Total registered members-6000

(v)               Total number of Users per day-600

(vi)             Total number of seats: -350

(a) Bhubaneswar Public Library (BPL) 180

(b) Language & Literature 10

State Library 50

(d) Serial 80

(e) Children 30


(vii)           Floor areas:

Bhubaneswar public Library (BPL)-120x100

Language and Literature-20x40

Serial Section-80x 40

Research and Reference Section-40x100

Depository Section-40x100

Children Section-40x100

Office-100x 90

T.S.D.-100x 90

A.S.D.-150x 80

Cycle stand and shed-100x20 and 60x 40



 (viii)       Different Sections of the HKM State Library:

1.                  Depository Section

2.                  Bibliography Section

3.                  Research & Reference Section

4.                  Fine Art Section

5.                  Language & Literature Section

6.                  Serial Section

7.                  Text Book & Career Development Section

8.                  Subject Collection Section

9.                  Children Section

10.                  Braille Section

11.              Registration Section

12.              Computer Section

13.              Reprography Section

14.              Binding Section

15.              Technical Section

16.              Dormitory Section

17.              Conservation Laboratory (recently added under Grant of Government of India)

18.              Publication Division (newly started)

19.              R.R.R.L.F. Schemes for Orissa (newly started)

20.              Property Counter

21.              Office & Issue Section /Administrative Division

22.              Garden

23.              Cycle stand and shed

24.        Canteen      

(ix)             Total number of staff 89

(x)               Devices for management/communication

Phones/Fax/On-line      (Internet-mail)/Computers-communication/Networking/Xerox/cyclostyle